Construction of Gallops

At Total Equestrian Construction we build gallops for trainers and for amateur use. We have experience of construction on a wide variety of terrains and soil types – both of which are crucial factors to take into consideration when designing your gallop. Gradient and radius of corners all have to be considered as well as getting the drainage right to maintain an even training surface on sloping ground for all year round use.

Safe, shock-absorbent, durable

We understand the need to have a safe, shock absorbent surface, that can withstand heavy use in all weathers. We can advise on the most appropriate products to achieve this, helping to ensure your horses’ health, fitness and stamina. Our construction expertise and the riding surface provided will ensure the surface remains consistent throughout the distance of the gallop.

Our gallops are designed in-house or by yourselves and installed by our own workforce who have many years’ experience in equestrian construction. Using good quality materials to maximise the drainage thereby ensuring a sound base for the gallop surface.

Choice of surfaces

We have a wide choice of surfaces – silica sand, fibre and rubber surfaces or even waxed, and are happy to advise on these. Only quality materials are used in the construction of your gallop.

Taking pride in creating gallops that blend into the surrounding countryside that are designed for year round use, ensures you are happy with the result and that you have many years use from the gallop.

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