Custom designed indoor horse arenas

At Total Equestrian Construction we have years of experience building high quality commercial and private indoor horse arenas. We can advise you on every aspect of the build, from location and drainage, through to access, and landscaping – all work is carried out by our own experienced workforce.

We can also undertake conversion of an existing building you may have on site, into an indoor equestrian arena.  Total Equestrian Construction have a choice of indoor arena surface types to offer you – silica sand, fibre and rubber surfaces or even a waxed surface, and we are happy to advise on these.

The perfect indoor riding environment

Our indoor arenas are built with the emphasis on creating a light, airy and modern riding environment. Sizes according to your budget and or use.

There are many benefits to having an indoor arena – you are not affected by the weather conditions enabling you to continue the training of your horses throughout the year. An indoor arena provides a quieter, more relaxed and private atmosphere for the horses. They can also perhaps provide other revenue streams for you when hired to other parties.

Extras for your arena provided by our TOTAL service include lighting, training mirrors, viewing galleries and sound systems.


A tried and tested method is used to build an indoor arena.Site identification and planning permission are the first steps. Next, a suitable sub-stratum is created by removing the topsoil. Stanchions are then set in place by digging foundations and pouring concrete. Geotextile membranes are laid and covered with crushed concrete or stone, depending on the type of ground.

Then the sub base is rolled to form a level base that will eventually take the new surface. Fiber cement sheets are typically used for roof structures with 15-20% clear Perspex sheets, although where the budget permits, composite roofs will be used.The aim is to maximize natural light.


An indoor arena is typically constructed using a steel-frame building that can be manufactured in any size. Dressage arenas typically measure 60 meters by 20 meters or 40 meters by 20 meters. Jumping arenas are typically wider.

Great reasons to use us

Commissioning Total Equestrian for your indoor arena will provide you with a high quality durable working facility, which with correct maintenance, will provide excellent performance year after year

  • Building indoor arenas from initial idea through to completion
  • Conversion of existing buildings to use as an indoor arena
  • Galvanised steel frame construction with a choice of external cladding
  • Or we offer timber glue laminated beam construction with a choice of external cladding
  • Turnkey development of equestrian centres
  • Our own experienced in-house horse friendly skilled work force
  • One point of contact to oversee the project
  • All aspects of the construction designed for long life and value for money

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